Nepal Should Go On Your Vacation Bucket List

A beautiful Himalayan country situated between two huge countries China and India is Nepal. Though tiny in size Nepal goes on your Vacation Bucket List because, Nepal is one of rare natural wonders with its scenic beauty, ethnic cultures, high peaks and above all, Roof of the world- Mount Everest. Though Nepal is less known in the world, tourism is being a flourishing sector with great potentiality. Every year hundreds and thousands of tourists are flocking over this small yet wonderful part of Earth, Buzzfeed has enlisted crucial reasons why one should include Nepal in its Vacation Bucket List.

1. The Annapurna Region
Nepal is home to the Annapurna Region which is known for having some of the world’s best trekking routes. There’s also the Lake City of Pokhara and shorter treks. The Annapurna Region compiles the wettest, driest, and windiest places in Nepal. The area encompasses forested middle mountain, high Himalaya and trans-Himalayan desert plateau similar to the landscape in Tibet as you move north. The lower elevations are dotted by Gurung, Magar, Thakali and Brahmin villages while Tibetan cultural influence becomes apparent as you go north.

2. The High Peaks
8 of the highest peaks in the world are in Nepal, Including the Mount Everest Highest of all peaks. All of the peaks reach over 8,000m. You may not actually be on top of the world, but it will sure make you feel like you are on the top.

3. The Bird Watching
Nepal is a bird watcher’s paradise, there is 869 species of birds in Nepal . That’s almost 10% of the world’s total bird population. Spiny Babbler distributes in Nepal only. You can see several species of birds during your stay in Nepal.

4. The Multitude of Adventure
With contrasting scenery and climate, ranging from tropical jungles in the south to alpine valleys in the north and therefore bestows a great array of adventurous activities like rafting tours, trekking tours, jungle safaris, paragliding, bungee jump and many more. Nepal recognized as the delightful mountainous kingdom also tingle your nerve with the mesmerizing sceneries, unique culture and adventurous activities.

5. World Heritage Sites
10 site or places of Nepal have got the recognition of the World Heritage Site in Nepal. The cultural heritage Kathmandu Durbar Squares, Patan Durbar Squares, Bhaktapur Durbar Squares, the Swayambhu Nath, Bouddhanath Nath, Pashupati Nath and Changu Narayan are consisting within the Kathmandu Valley.Two national parks of Nepal (The Sagarmatha National park and The Chitwan National Park) are included in the World Heritage Sites List as Natural Site. Make sure to check out the various temples, monasteries, inns, and more to experience Old World culture.

6. Value for Money
Nepal is surprisingly affordable. This is particularly true if you compare Nepal’s hiking trails to others such as Kilimanjaro or the Inca Trail. Even the hotels and food are also cheap in Nepal. With the food pricing, you could live a day with just $ 10. And you can find a decent, clean hotel room for about $18.50.

7. The Lakes
There are many lakes in Nepal. Total number of lakes in Nepal is not yet fixed. It is still to be count. Nepal is a hilly region country. Nepal is second richest country in water resource. There are number of lakes and tanks of glacial and tectonic origin in Nepal. As a result, Nepal is famous for its lakes.

8. The Elevation Change
Nepal is the only country in the world where the elevation will change from 60 meters to over 8,000 meters above sea level. The elevation of Nepal varies widely even at a short distance. It’s quite the experience.

9. Diverse Cultures
Over 35 different ethnic groups call Nepal home. This means there are multiple religions, languages, musical influence, festivals and foods. Nepal is a wonderful place to immerse yourself into different cultures and traditions. And Nepal is the only place in the world where people worship the living goddess, Kumari.

10. Nepalese Food
The country's cultural and geographic diversity provides ample space for a variety of cuisines based on ethnicity and on soil and climate.Although Nepalese dishes do result from heavy South Asian influences like China and India, the food is usually healthier with more lean meats and veggies. Other common ingredients include lentils, tomatoes, cumin, potatoes, yogurt, and garlic.

11. Nepal’s Kathmandu Valley
The Kathmandu Valley is located in the foothills of the Himalayas and is composed of seven different “Monument Zones.” These zones include urban centers with palaces, temples, and the oldest known Buddhist monument thought to be built in the third century B.C. The fertile, mountain-sheltered Kathmandu Valley is the historic heart of Nepal, where the Himalaya's most sophisticated kingdoms rose and fell and where Nepali art and culture were developed and refined. In many ways the Kathmandu Valley is Nepal in itself.

12. The Serenity
Nepal has been regarded as a sacred place for hundreds of years. The tranquility of the area will have a positive effect on anyone that is able to experience it. The people, the buildings, and the land are all symbols of serenity. In Nepal, you can truly escape.

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