Tibet Mountain Biking

Tibet Mountain Biking

Tibet Mountain biking tour arranged by Visit Nepal- Tibet trek is intended especially for the adventure lovers. The paths of mountain biking trips are long, challenging and is highly elevated. This Mountain Biking Tour to Tibet is once-in-a-lifetime experience in Tibet and it lets you to travel around witnessing the captivating scenery and unique culture apart from facing the adventure of biking in the high land of Tibet. 

You will fly to Gongar International Airport close to the Tibetan capital and then your Mountain biking tour begins and crosses 6 high passes, before ultimately moving downward from the Tibetan Plateau in Nepal. Mountain biking trip is supported by a camping team, experienced and local Tibetan guide as well as Tibetan driver. The whole journey will be held up by a 4WD Toyota, Land Cruiser and also a support truck. Do not miss the opportunity to entertain yourself through biking in Tibet, observing the Himalayan views of Tibet, Tibetan people, their culture and Tibetan villages as well as town.

So if you are seeking for witnessing the mountains in Tibet from the eye level and ride the bike along the mountainous way all the way through peaks then come and enjoy this adventurous journey. On the bikes, you ride transverse the Khamba La pass to the holy lake of Yamdrok Tso and perceive pleasant towns of Gyantse and Shigatse. After reaching Sakya, you ascend to the high mountains and go around the Everest Base Camp (5200m.) and pass other passes you will then move to the Nepalese border, the long way down to subtropical Nepal. Also, driving on the old business route, 'Friendship Highway', adds some more adventure. Passing some high passes we arrive at the border of Nepal and Tibet and drive to Kathmandu with our guides all the way through the greenery and sight of waterfalls and stunning Bhotekoshi River. Our well experienced guide and driver will take proper care of you throughout the tour.

This Tibet Mountain biking tour is an amazing bike trip that takes you to the most eye-catching places in Tibet, this classic mountain biking journey that goes across 'the Roof of the World' envelops a distance above 1,100 km from the capital city of Tibet, Lhasa to Kathmandu in the centre of Nepal. As Tibet Mountain Bike tour is a challenging one, it is not meant for the weak hearted travelers as it takes you most of the time over 4,000 m.


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