Pictures of Mt. Everest and Other Higher Peaks in Google Map

  Mt. Everest the tallest peak in the world situated in Nepal is accessible from both Nepal and Tibet. From Nepal side you have to make a beautiful and arduous trek of several days to reach the base camp of Everest whereas in Tibet you can reach the base camp by the means of veihcle and an easy walk. Now anyone from any place can experience the breathtaking views of Mt. Everest and other higher peaks if they are in the reach of internet. Google one of the most famous search engine have added the pictures from the base camp of Mt. Everest and its summit in google map. The pictures are taken with the help of lightweight tripod and digital camera using a fish-eye lens.

Many people have strong desire to see or visit the tallest mountain in the world, which is not possible for all. To those who cannot be in the particular places to see the beautiful views, google maps have become one of the great source for them. Images of  Nepal’s Namche Bazaar and the Tengboche Monastery, along with a photo of the Mount Everest trekkers and their guides, can also be seen through the help of Google Maps.

Who don't want to see the tallest mountain in the world? ofcourse everyone wants to but the time and budget might have been the great problem. Now with the help of google map people not only see the world’s highest peaks in their desktops and smartphones, rather they can experience as they too are climbing the peak through online. Thanks to google maps for offering the most beautiful views of the highest mountain peaks today with the launch of 360-degree images from Aconcagua in South America, Mount Kilimanjaro in Africa, Mount Elbrus in Europe, and the base camp at Mount Everest in Asia. Spokepserson of google said that, "the new imagery will make google map users to see the far world through  their smartphone and computers for experiencing the majestic and remote places that they may never get the chance to visit in their lifetime".

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