Nepal Visa Information

Nepal Visa Information


Foreigner who intends to visit Nepal must hold valid passport or any travel document equivalent to passport issued by the Govt. for visiting a foreign country prior to apply for visa.

A) Entry: No foreigner is entitled to enter into and stay in the Kingdom of Nepal without valid visa. Tourist entry visa can be obtained for the following duration from Nepalese Embassy or Consulate or other mission offices or immigration offices located on entry points in Nepal.

B) Chinese citizen are requested to apply in Nepalese Embassy or other Nepalese diplomatic missions as there is no provision of on arrival visa for them. But Governemnt of Nepal announced that no Visa fee for Chinese Nationals.

Facilities Duration Fee and more details

1. The foreign tourist visiting Nepal shall be granted the tourist visa.

2. The tourist visa shall be granted for a period in maximum of 150 days in a visa year (Visa years means January to December).

3. A tourist who has departed before the expiry of the period specified in the visa issued in a visa year shall not be allowed to use the visa by adding the remaining period to another visa year.

4. If any foreigner who has entered into Nepal towards the end of a visa year desires to spend even the period during which he may stay in Nepal with the tourist visa of the other visa year, he may use such facility.

Provided, however, that the computation of the fees for such period shall be made on the basis of the total period of his stay.

An application for the tourist visa has to be submitted in the format as referred to in Appendix 1. 


Description of Service & Facilities

Essential Document / Evidence

Fees to be charged

Duration to be taken

Responsible person & Section/ Sub Section / Unit

Officer to hear Complaints

Compensatory Provision



Tourist Visa Extension

  1. Passport
  2. Receipt of Online Application
  3. Tax clearance certificate in case of Transfer from Business visa to Tourist Visa
  4. Copy of passport of guardian incase of minor below 10 years of Age.
  5. Minimum 30 US Dollar for up to 15 days.
  1. Minimum 30 US Dollar for up to 15 days.

After 15 days 2US Dollar per days (extension of the tourist visa, the fees chargeable for 15 days shall be levied if the period is less than 15 days in every extension.

  1. Extra US Dollar 20 for MRE facility for valid visa period.
  2. Late fee to be charged Extra 3 US Dollar per day
  3. Free of Cost incase minor below 10 years of age.


Two hours

Immigration Officer

(Tourist Visa Section)

Director / Director General


(NRS 250-5,000)


(Direct Visa Link to Online Application)


Advice for Online Visa Applicants

In order to avoid long queues and unnecessary problems, kindly submit a complete Online Visa Application form to the Immigration Authority of Nepal in your first attempt! To do that, here are few things you need to prepare:

  1. Please keep your valid passport at hand.
  2. Ready a recent digital photograph (size: 1.5” x 1.5”) in your removable device to upload your photograph for the application.
  3. Gather beforehand
    1. a detailed permanent residence address, and
    2. detailed address in Nepal.
    3. You need to provide telephone numbers—land-line and mobile.
    4. You need to provide your email address too.
    5. The submitted application will remain in the system for 15 days. After 15 days, the application will be deleted automatically from the system.
    6. Once the application is successfully submitted, a receipt will be sent to your email immediately.
    7. Print the receipt and keep it with you as you need to produce it before the Immigration Authority.
    8. For your convenience, the deadline to contact the Immigration Authority will be mentioned in the receipt.
    9. The receipt also mentions about the documents you need to produce before the Immigration Authority.
    10. Please contact the Immigration Authority within 15 days after the submission of application.
    11. For example, if you submit your extension application today, and your visa is expiring the next day, on the third day if you visit the Department of Immigration, you will have to pay late fee of that day. In order to prevent this sort of hassle, please submit your extension application on time and get your visa renewed before crossing the expiry date.
    12. When you contact the Immigration Authority, please make sure you have the receipt and proper documents with you including the necessary fee.
    13. No on arrival visa for country list - AFG,IRQ,CMR,GHA,SOM,SWZ,PSE,ZWE,NGA,ETH,LBR


Please download the Nepal Visa Application Form. (PDF)


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