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Bhutan is a small, oval country, not much larger than Switzerland. It is 200 miles from east to west and just over 100 miles from north to south. Some people say Bhutan is peaceful thunder dragon.

Bhutan is a nation filled with lush hills and gigantic peaks which certainly have charismatic appeal. You can see Bhutan's highest mountain situating to the north-central area, Kulha Gangri (7,554 meters) which lies close to the border with China. Also, Chomo Lhari (7314m); the second highest peak will come into the sight which dominates the Chumbi Valley (7,314 m) locating in the west. Likewise, several other nineteen peaks with an altitude over 7,000 m fall in Bhutan.

 In fact Bhutan is heavily forested and located in the eastern Himalayas and is a landlocked country. 88 km wide area divides Bhutan from Nepal, whereas West Bengal splits Bhutan from Bangladesh by 60 km. Also, the state is bounded 470 km by Tibet to the northwest and north; for 605 km by Sikkim to the west, Assam to the south and southeast, West Bengal to the southwest and Arunachal Pradesh to the east.

Apart from the glorious mountains, the forests in Bhutan are dense and the people there are generous and have welcoming nature. The visitor will have a sightseeing of the glorious and antique land and visit its strategic fortress known as Dzongs. Also, you will go around several ancient monasteries, temples and stupas; see prayer flags which wave all along the towering ridges; spot different species of plants, birds and animals living in dense forests, captivating white waterfalls and many more.

Bhutan’s affluent cultural heritage has constantly been marked as spotless. The cultural heritage is in Bhutan is regarded as the support upon which the distinctiveness of the Bhutan is reflected. Visitors will be amazed exploring long-established and preserved cultures and traditions.

We Visit Nepal Tibet Treks encourage you to go make a tour to Bhutan with us. Going around the holy land of Bhutan will definitely gratify you. Also, if you are seeking for one day hike or perhaps a long exciting and adventurous tour, then Bhutan has it all.  Attention-grabbing huge mountains, lakes, huge glaciers and different rare species of floras and faunas wait for you.

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