Bhutan Trekking

Bhutan Trekking

Trekking in Bhutan, the Land of The Thunder Dragon will be one of exceptional lifetime opportunities that you will never forget. The exquisiteness of Bhutan will be locked up in your memories forever. Till today Bhutan has been preserving its antique and valued culture, religion as well as natural environment. Bhutan is a sacred land of wonderful panorama which lies in the lap of mountains and which embraces steep forested hills ascended all over Bhutan and is marked with prayer flags and monasteries.

The northern part of Bhutan holds snowy peaks elevating more than 7000m. And, the people in Bhutan are constantly there to greet you generously. Trekking in Bhutan is not too much demanding but in fact the medium one and lets you go through the amazing views of rhododendron and Primula forest. Also you will be mesmerized with the magnificent view of Himalayas, impressive picturesque beauty and the profound lush valleys veiled in the Eastern Himalayas. Animals like yaks and their herder’s home, the unusual kinds of wild lives such as musk deer, Langur monkeys and blue sheep are seen while trekking and also different castles are the other fascinating parts of this trek. Moreover, the views of astonishing monasteries in amazing places, welcoming nature of the people are the highlights of this beautiful trek.

Visit Nepal-Tibet Treks has been organizing diverse trekking packages in Bhutan and some of the popular ones are Cheli la Nature Trek in Bhutan, Chomolhari Trek in Bhutan, Bhutan Winter Trekking and several other fascinating trekking regions. These trekking packages are meant for any interested one from any age group. We design itinerary according to your wish and that it will wrap the significant places of Bhutan for trekking. Trek to Bhutan tingle you in a way no other trekking region would ever offer you the same experience.

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