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Bhutan popularly identified as the ‘Land of The Thunder Dragon’ and is also known as a land of Buddhists. The people of Bhutan have preserved their exceptional and long-established tradition, religion, culture and natural surroundings till today. This holy land with splendid vista in the core of Himalayas includes vertical forested hills rise all over Bhutan, dappled with prayer flags and monasteries. To the North of Bhutan Tour have snowy mountains over 7000 m far above the ground. Bhutan's highest peak situated in north-central region Kulha Gangri (7,554 m.) is near to the border with China.

The mountains in Bhutan are glorious, the jungles are dense, people’s generosity, the attractive and superb architecture and art that arrests you. The rich cultural heritage of Bhutan has constantly been remarked as spotless. Also, the full glory of this prehistoric land through its deliberate castle known as Dzong, several antique temples, stupas, monasteries, prayer flags which wave all along the elevated ridges, wild animals living in thick forests, mesmerizing white waterfalls and the welcoming nature of Bhutanese people.

With its striking and largely perfect Himalayan views, rich wild lives and plants and most significantly it's unique Buddhist culture. In an endeavor to uphold its beauty, natural and cultural settings, the nation has knowingly taken up a controlled tourism development policy.

We, Visit Nepal Tibet Trek design different range of Bhutan tour including- Western Bhutan Culture Tour, Central Bhutan Culture Tour, Eastern Bhutan Culture Tour, Druk Yul Pilgrimage Tour in Bhutan and more. We offer you a chance to visit around the beautiful land and its inhabitants. We persuade you to contact us in a wonderful and superb tour that will be your lifetime experience.

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